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Lots of great ideas  came out of the community participation in the Neighbourhood Plan surveys and community Working Groups over the last 18 months. We have done our very best to include them, to make it a proper community Plan!

From the outset we thought that for the Neighbourhood Plan to reach its full potential as part of the  planning framework, and have real local support, it had to be developed by the community that lives in, works in and uses the neighbourhood, i.e. the people of Falmouth. We recognised the difference between community participation – involving people in writing the Plan, and simple consultation  – just asking people for their views.

So we arranged for the Plan preparation to be led by a Stakeholder Group made up of local organisations. Then we devised a plan to get the views of as many people as possible. A questionnaire was sent to every household in Falmouth asking for people’s views on what the plan should include, and we held sessions where people could drop in and discuss the issues, all advertised through newspapers and radio. Then Working Groups were set up, with a mix of local organisations and community volunteers, to develop detailed reports that recommended new planning ideas based on the community views received.

During this time the team was also involved in writing an Economic Plan to attract Coastal Community Fund grants, and assisting Cornwall Council to make the Article 4 Direction controlling the spread of HMOs.

During the last few months this has all been drawn together into the Falmouth Neighbourhood Development Plan, which has now been published for consultations.

You can see the Plan here: Falmouth Neighbourhood Development Plan


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