The Falmouth Neighbourhood Development Plan ‘Submission Draft’ Document

The ‘Submission Draft’ of the Falmouth Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Cornwall Council on15th July 2019.

A copy of the submitted NDP documents can be found by clicking on this link:

Submission Draft Falmouth Neighbourhood Development Plan

On submission, the NDP gains extra weight as a ‘material consideration’ when Planning applications are decided, which will be of importance when new HMO applications are being dealt with.

Cornwall Council have carried out legal checks and found the NDP to be legally compliant to proceed to the next stage, which is a six week consultation period from 5th September to 17th October 2019. When that is completed Cornwall Council will pass the Plan on, along with any comments received, for Independent Examination. After the Examiners report has been issued and considered, the Plan will then be put to a local Referendum, when all electors in Falmouth will get to vote on whether the Plan should be used to make planning decisions. If the response is ‘yes’ then the Plan will be ‘made’ and become part of the formal planning policy that guides Cornwall Council in making planning decisions.

A further opportunity to support or object to the NDP occurs during the six week period of formal consultation which follows submission to Cornwall Council.

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