Latest News: Submission Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan updated to improve heritage and natural environment assessment.

One 5th March the Falmouth Neighbourhood Development Plan was considered by Falmouth Town Council, which unanimously supported the recommendation from the Stakeholder Group that the Plan be approved for submission to Cornwall Council. On 18thApril 2018 the Plan text was completed and submitted to Cornwall Council for them to carry out the environmental screening necessary for the Plan to proceed to formal submission.

The feedback on this (from Historic england and Natural England) was that further work was required on the heritage and natural environment aspects of the Plan. This has now been completed and further feedback is awaited before the Plan is formally submitted, currently estimated to be in Spring 2019. Various supporting documents have also been prepared and will be submitted alongside the Plan.

On submission, Cornwall Council will carry out legal checks, and then pass the Plan on for Independent Assessment. After the Assessors report has been issued and considered, the Plan will then be put to a local Referendum, when all electors in Falmouth will get to vote on whether the Plan should be used to make planning decisions. If the response is ‘yes’ then the Plan will be ‘made’ and become part of the formal planning policy that guides Cornwall Council in making planning decisions.

You can see a working draft of the Neighbourhood Development Plan approved by the Town Council by clicking here: Falmouth NDP Submission Working Draft.

‘Please note, pending the feedback,  prior to submission there may be additional changes to the Plan contents relating to specific sites and policies, but in all other matters, such as the policies addressing HMO issues, it is intended that the Plan will be unchanged prior to submission’.

An further opportunity to support or object to the NDP occurs during the six week period of formal consultation which follows submission to Cornwall Council.

Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan scores well with Falmouth people. 

The consultation draft Falmouth Neighbourhood Development Plan has been given a well-informed and intelligent response which shows a real depth of concern by residents for the future of their town. Overall the vision and strategy of the Plan was well supported, subject to some concerns around the detail on how it will be delivered.

The strongest support was for the Plan’s Environment and Open Space proposals. The Town Centre strategy was also well supported, and there was clear enthusiasm for the measures that will enhance its function, improve pedestrian movement, and extend the range and quality of shopping opportunities offered. This was balanced with concerns about how the needs of residents for town centre parking will continue to be met.

The Business and Employment policies received backing, amongst which there are calls for more emphasis to be given to measures to support tourism.

On Housing, the focus of comments was on student accommodation. The Article 4 Direction and the associated policies to control new HMOs were strongly supported, but there was also concern from some as to the ‘knock-on’ impact on adjoining areas, whilst current landlords (who are also clearly local people) expressed concerns about the business impact of the Article 4 Direction and how it will be implemented in practice. Purpose built student accommodation was strongly opposed, notwithstanding the contribution it would make to achieving the town centre strategy.

Several responses  also identified technical issues with the document, such as typos, mapping errors etc, all of which are very helpful.

The consultation draft Falmouth Neighbourhood Development Plan was published and open for comment for 8 weeks from December 2016 to March 2017. Several ‘drop-in’ events were held at various locations and times around the town so that local people and businesses could discuss the Plan before making their comments. A short explanatory leaflet was also circulated. In response more than 90 people and organisations made detailed responses making many individual points.

Next Steps

The Stakeholder Group is studying the response to the consultation draft and preparing the next version, which will be the one that is formally approved by the Town Council and then submitted to Cornwall Council, on its way to being ‘made’ in law and becoming an official part of the Planning framework for the area. The Plan draft is expected to be sent to Cornwall Council in May 2018.

As part of this work, the Stakeholder Group must write the revised Neighbourhood Development Plan so that it is in conformity with the new Cornwall Council Development Plan Document, (DPD) and in particular those policies of the DPD which relate to student accommodation. You can find the current draft of the DPD by following this link: Falmouth/Penryn DPD


‘As members of the core team preparing the Falmouth Neighbourhood Plan under Candy’s leadership of the Stakeholder Group, we were shocked and saddened by the news of her passing. Candy was an energetic champion for the Town, willing and able to go head-to-head with the most powerful organisations to get what she thought was right for Falmouth and its community. She was the driving force behind the Article 4 on HMOs, and led the Neighbourhood Plan work in an enabling way that allowed the team to develop a strong vision and strategy for sustainable development in Falmouth. Candy was also willing to listen,  take advice, and build consensus around the stakeholder’s common goals. We know she would want us to see the Falmouth Neighbourhood Development Plan – an expression of the will of the community of Falmouth – through to a successful conclusion. We are more than ever determined to make that happen’.

Signed: David Yelland, Mike Jenks, and Steve Besford-Foster


Please note that maps, plans, drawings and designs shown on this website are subject to various copyrights and should not be used without permission from Falmouth Town Council.

The Falmouth Neighbourhood Plan is supported by grant awarded by the Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning Programme led by Locality in association with RTPI/Planning Aid England, CDF and partners, available through the My Community Rights website.
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