Why should you care?

Having a Neighbourhood Development Plan helps to make sure that many important Planning decisions are made in accordance with local opinions, rather than relying only on the National Planning Policy Framework and the Cornwall Local Plan and its Development Planning Document.

What happens in our town affects us all – it can change our quality of life and the opportunities we have. So the how Planning decsions on new development are made is really important

Without a Neighbourhood Plan, all the important planning decisions made by Cornwall Council would be based only on the National Planning Guidance and the county-wide plan. That would ensure that development was sustainable and achieved Government objectives but it could also mean that important local factors might be ignored and that decisions would not necessarily be made by people who know and understand Falmouth’s needs.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan process, by harnessing our community’s knowledge, creativity, energy and diversity,  has helped make a plan that is fair, inclusive and well-balanced, that will  help to shape a positive future for Falmouth, and have a real impact.

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