What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Falmouth is recognised as a beautiful coastal town, but for those of us that live and work here its much more than that.

Over the years Falmouth has developed into an exciting and diverse place. Growing tourism, dock and property development, new maritime activities and growth in higher education bring huge opportunities for our town, but they create big challenges too.

We need to make the most of those opportunities and tackle the challenges so that the needs of the community are met without harming our options for the future.

To do that we need your help. Its important to us that we have a balanced community whose views and opinions are heard. We need the people who know and love Falmouth to be part of the Town’s decision making process, so that we can make changes for the better, together.

The Neighbourhood Plan is an opportunity for everyone in Falmouth to influence the decisions that will affect our town.

The Localism Act 2011 gave people the democratic right to be involved in drawing up a plan for their local area, which means we can create a Falmouth Neighbourhood Plan that truly reflects local views.

What’s more, it will be agreed through a local referendum, so everyone on the electoral roll gets a vote.

If the vote is in its favour, the Neighbourhood Plan is ‘made’ in law and can’t be ignored when planning applications are  decided by Cornwall Council, Planning Inspectors, or the Government.

It will control the way that land is used for housing, business, shops and leisure. It will also protect green spaces and influences the design of buildings, tackle some difficult issues and support the things that make Falmouth an exceptional place to live, work and visit.

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