Shorline Management Plan 2

The SMP2 is a non-statutory policy document for coastal defence planning and sets out the recommended approach to managing the shoreline over the next 100 years. This is done by considering location, time and policy.

Those parts of the SMP relevant to Falmouth are given below. Please click on the title to open the f

SMP2 1_Introduction_Final_Report

SMP2 2_EnvAss_Final_Report


SMP2 4 _Introduction_ Final_report

SMP2 5_Final_report

SMP2 5_finalplan_text_13

SMP2 5_finalplan_text_11

SMP2 6_Final_Report

SMP2 PDZ5_Final_report_Intro

SMP2 PDZ5_Final_report_13

SMP2 PDZ5_Final_report_11

CIoS SMP2 Summary Document final 040411

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