What will the Neighbourhood Plan policy on HMOs achieve?

When the A4D comes into full effect, the Falmouth Neighbourhood Plan’s policies can help assess the planning applications that result from the effect of the Direction.

They will for example,

  • prevent further changes of use to HMO in the areas already significantly affected by HMOs if they would cause harm to amenity or community balance;
  • set positive criteria for planning permissions for changes of use to HMO in other areas, subject to an upper limit.

The Neighbourhood Plan could also be the basis of ‘Good Practice Guidance’ relating to HMOs, focusing essentially on design issues but bringing attention to licensing and regulations issues also.

As part of a broader strategy to manage the distribution of student bedspaces, the Neighbourhood Plan also introduces a policy that complements those in the Cornwall Local Plan an d the Allocations Development Plan Document, by setting more detailed criteria for development of purpose built student accommodation aimed at ensuring that they have minimal impact whilst bringing positive additional benefits to the town.


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