Engagement Strategy

For a Neighbourhood Plan to reach its full potential in delivering sustainable development as part of the statutory planning framework, and have real local credibility, it must be prepared by the community that lives in, works in and uses the neighbourhood.

The Falmouth Neighbourhood Plan Stakeholder Group has therefore prepared a strategy for engaging with and involving all sectors the community in the preparation and adoption of the Plan.

The Group is conscious of the difference between community engagement and participation, and simple consultation. The intention is therefore to encourage active participation in the work of producing the, through an active dialogue with the community during the engagement stages, using a mix of approaches that will ensure that community understanding of issues is promoted, opinions and ideas are recorded effectively, and feedback to the community is ensured. The strategy statement , which also includes detailed action plans, is a ‘work in progress’ and will be updated as we pass each stage in the Neighbourhood Plan process.


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