Politeness and Moderation Policy

Politeness and Moderation Policy

We aim to encourage involvement by all in our community in intelligent discussion of Neighbourhood Planning topics.

We do this by publishing regular ‘posts’ (articles) on various Neighbourhood Planning related issues on the planforfalmouth.info website, and providing all in the community the opportunity to comment on or discuss the content of those posts. It’s also possible for people to put forward their own ideas for the future of the town.

We will moderate such comments in line with the guidelines given below, which aim to ensure this website is an inviting space which is inclusive, safe, polite and accessible.


There are 7 simple guidelines which we expect all participants in the community areas of the website to abide by.

1. Debate and dissent is welcomed, but personal attacks (on authors of posts or comments, other users or any individual) will not be published.

2. Criticism of the posts we publish will be accepted, but we will not allow persistent misrepresentation of the Town Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Stakeholder Group to be published.

3. Any content that in our opinion others might find extremely offensive or threatening will not be published. Please respect other people’s views and beliefs and consider your impact on others when making your contribution.

4. Contributions that could be interpreted as criticising or attacking people on the basis of their race, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or age will not be published.

5. No content that may put us or contributors in legal jeopardy, such as potentially libellous or defamatory postings, or material posted in potential breach of copyright will be published.

6. Any posts that are obviously commercial or otherwise spam-like will not be published.

7. If you spot something problematic please report it. 


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